The Growing Importance of Travel AndTourism

The ever increasing importance of the travel and tourism industry to the global economy is summarised in this excellent infographic from Mario Skrzypczak, Sales and Marketing Manager at Nerval Corporation.

Mario comments, “One reason for the growth of travel & tourism is the rise in the amount of bleisure trips. Bleisure is a combination of business and leisure trips and 72% of business travelers now add a leisure component to business trips.”

Hotels often cater offers and packages to leisure OR business guests. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to create hybrid packages that cater to both markets?

Mario continues, The hospitality sector needs to properly understand their customer segments and stay relevant to them. There is a great opportunity for hotels and restaurants to stand out from the crowd and create unique experiences for guests on each visit. This will help them to thrive in a market that keeps on growing.”

See the full infographic below, including recommendations from Mario on how the hospitality industry can exploit the global growth in travel and tourism.

A click-to-call button is easy to install and a great source of leads, but incredibly 97% of companies do not provide one. Worries about the price of calling a number found online can be enough to prevent a potential customer making an enquiry. Providing a click-to-call option takes away these fears and can connect the customer with someone who can help them with the booking.

Of those that did provide a button one took over 5 hours to reply, another took over 19 hours and the last directed through to an automated voice operator. None of these responses would have been particularly helpful to a customer that had sat down on an evening intending to book their holiday.

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